My personality

I’m a senior software engineer specialized in web development in eCommerce industry. Besides work, I develop free and opensource software to help people as well as experience new techniques and technologies.
Before entering software industry, I was graduated with a Bachelore degree in Electronics Engineering and have worked in this field for 4 years. Now, after years of working as an electronics engineer years as a software engineer, I have an interdisciplinary experience which helps me a lot in my everyday work. Besides work, I’m a futurist, a utilitarian, love political talk and debates, study a lot in history and have a good sense of humor.

Things I enjoy in my life

  • Adventures in nature, including lakes, ocean, mountains, jungles and desert
  • Cutting edge advances in science and technology specially space exploration
  • Watching the human advance toward democracy and civilization
  • Finding common patterns in the universe from blossom and death of a flower in nature to rise and fall of an empire in history
  • Awesome novels, good movies and chilling music