Some say: “I hate Politics. I don’t want to hear or read about that”. I tell them: “Fine! But then when it’s election, you’ll just get out vote! Without any study and knowledge about it”. And that’s the problem.

Before the World War II, during it, and after it, there have been and still are, three main mindsets/ideologies/philosophies: Racism, Leftism, Conservationism (or Rightism). Perhaps because our brains are consisted of two lobes, we prefer to see the world as a system which always has two poles: Left and Right. Or north and south. But this is not how things work. We can’t always expect the spectrum two have two corners. That’s why I believe the world of politics has three main poles instead of two.

Now in our age, the Left is blaming the right for racism. Over and over and over. In every debates and discussions. No surprise that the right is doing the same. And guess what? The real racist just sits back and enjoys the pop corn!

As the only intelligent creatures on this planet, we the humans, need to know each other clearly instead of finger pointing and accusations. Stop trying to change each other and instead, separate our matters and let our children decide which side they choose to live in. That means, promoting democracy, federalization and immigration. Democracy so that different opinions can have their effect on their own destiny. Federalization so that people of one opinion are not forced to change the life style of others or accept its intrusion. If you want free economy, fine! Do it in your state. If you want subsidized, centralized economy, fine! Do it in your own state. If you don’t want to see other races, fine! Do it in your own state. And finally immigration. So if a child grows up and becomes an adult and decides he doesn’t want to live in socialism, racism or capitalism, he is allowed to move out.

Is that hard to understand? Don’t kill each other. Live your own life style. Let other’s live as well. Time will show us who is right.