Space Exploration

It’s a long time since the last Apollo capsule take off the moon and headed back home. Looks like humanity pushed fast to the endeavors of space and then all of sudden, gave up! Is that it? Is that all it ends? We give up and get busy with everyday life on earth? I don’t think so.

Space exploration came to a stand still situation. No surprise some conspiracy theories started to circle around questioning honesty of the Apollo program itself. It’s like if we could do that in seventies, why we can’t anymore? Was it fake? Some believe it wasn’t fake. But as any government ran agency, NASA grew more and more obese until it could not fly anymore! Some other blame UFOs and aliens for drawing secret red lines for humanities ambitious in space. Some like Ilan Musk of SpaceX and Jeff Bezos of Blue Origin, see the problem in lack of reusability.

As any rocket NASA or its private partners were building would end up being abandoned in ocean after the first flight, the minimum cost of each space travel was the cost of building the spaceship! Those one time use only spaceships were so costly that they made space travel a luxury limited to a few lucky government employees called “Astronauts”. If we solve the problem of reusability, and make rockets work in the cycle of Fly-Return-Refule, we can bring the cost of space exploration as low as ordinary people could afford. Once the market is open to masses, demand will rise exponentially, and production costs will come down even further to make living in space not a reality, but even cheaper than living on earth! I prefer to believe in this opinion. This, instead of fear of aliens and UFOs or gloominess of conspiracy theories, shows us the real way out of this limited planet. A solution which is already working and inching although slowly, but steadily toward bright future. Post Apollo Space Exploration is one of my topics of interest.